S’now Fun?

Schools canceling. Parents working from home.  If you’re counting on plenty of babysitting via TV or video games to keep your children busy, stop! That “s’now” fun.  Read on for 10 ideas for real snow day fun and learning.????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  1. Read.Snuggle with a book and read with a family member. Talk about the book together as you go. Find new places in which to read, like the bathtub.
  2. Bake. Reinforce math by doubling or halving a recipe. Make something to share with a neighbor or friend.
  3. Fall. Backwards, that is, into snow. Make snow angels and decorate them with paint.
  4. Build. Dress for outdoors and build snow families and snow forts.
  5. Knock. Check on your neighbors, especially senior citizens. Bring them a treat you made.IMG_3579
  6. Shovel. Help move the stuff around. If you don’t have a shovel, use a broom.
  7. Imagine. Encourage open-ended play. Dolls, cars, models, Legos, anything with small people or animals work well. When a child uses anything to pretend or make up stories, that’ open-ended play.
  8. Measure. Find all measuring tapes, rulers, yardsticks, even a dressmaker’s measuring tape if you have one. Estimate the measurement of things around the house, then check using one of the tools.
  9. Draw. Can you draw a map of your house? Your neighborhood, town, state, the world? Copy one if you need to.
  10. Write. Compose a valentine poem or a card message for Valentine’s Day.

Print and post this list for your children to use.  Join them for some of these so snow days become memory-making days.

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