The Grade of F

Did you ever receive an F on your schoolwork? It meant you failed, utterly. Written in red pen in your teacher’sIMG_3680 impatient hand, it was accompanied by the uneasy message See Me on the top of the paper.

Perhaps your teacher handed the papers back in order of grades from A to F, with the Fs at the bottom of the pile. As if failure wasn’t bad enough, a measure of public shaming came with it.

Teachers today know better. We know moreIMG_3681 about how children learn and that there are many different ways to learn. Teachers don’t use red pens any more because they convey shame. And if your child attends a more progressive school, they aren’t labeled as academic failures. They are “Just Beginning” to grasp a concept.

Just Beginning is far more useful assessment, I think, because it conveys a range of understanding. We know the student will understand with a different approach, continued encouragement, and practice.

Consider it.

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