What’s the K in Köchel 331?

In the mid-nineteenth century, Austrian botanist Ludwig von Köchel catalogued all of Mozart’s works, which the composer did not date or number consecutively. K. (Köchel) numbers are similar to Op. (opus) numbers. They help musicians distinguish one piece from another—for example, which Sonata in G is it?—and at what point in Mozart’s life the piece was composed.

Play this selection from Sonata in A, K. 331 for your students today. Many will recognize the melody of Rondo Alla Turca. What better way to start the day for your students than with 4 minutes of Mozart?

One thought on “What’s the K in Köchel 331?

  1. Kathy, did I ever regale you with the story about Rondo a la Turk while I was in England? Remind me and I will.


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