The Best Gift to Give Teachers

You cannot buy it in a store, nor can you bake it.  Your child’s teacher will prize it.  Teachers feel appreciated when they receive one. And you’ll free yourself up, too, from racking your brains for ideas or spending more money.

Every bit of the card was decorated by this girl, including front and back of the envelope!

Give your child’s teacher a hand made holiday card from your child.

This boy’s card came with a diploma–only earned if I successfully solved his math puzzle inside.


Begin by talking with your child about what he’d like to say to his teacher.  Scour for materials at home, because this is a use-what-you-have project.  Any kind of paper, crayons, markers, glue, fabric scraps, leftover glitter or buttons work.

This young child came from a home with very limited resources and used a freezer-wrap type of recycled paper. Her hearts told a story.

Then step back and watch your child create.

I keep hearing stories of teachers in wealthier districts who receive expensive gift cards for dinner, book stores, or malls.  Sometimes the room parent organizes these splashy teacher gifts, and participation is expected.  But why? 

A handmade card with a child’s own art and written message is priceless to teachers, who have taught your child all of these skills.






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