What Does Leap Year Mean to You?

If you have a February 29 birthday, it probably means you have a celebration planned for Leap Year Day. Or, like Amy Adams in the movie Leap Year, you might be following an Irish tradition of proposing marriage to your boyfriend.

As you continue reading, listen to “A Leap Year Promise,”  by Randy Edelman. 

Your family can create a celebration, too.  Brainstorm ideas together about each family member’s life four years from now. This kind of thinking helps children to invent, imagine, wonder, and create—all top thinking skills.

Next, gather paper, envelopes, and writing materials. Have everyone write letters to themselves, to be opened on the next Leap Year Day.

Finally, seal the letters in envelopes and put them away, to be opened on February 29, 2020.

There you go: a new and fun family tradition!

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