About Kathy


  • PhD in Education, with a focus on adult growth and development and teacher professional development
  • 12 years as classroom teacher, school principal, district director of technology integration, and teacher educator
  • Professional licensure in Elementary Education (1-6), School Principalship (N-12) and District Leadership (PK-12)
  • 13 years as Teacher Educator, Teaching Fellow, and Field Supervisor at Brandeis University, Harvard University Graduate School of Education, Lesley University Graduate School of Education, and Northern Essex Community College
  • 11 years in educational consulting and coaching for students, parents and families
  • 19 years as parent volunteer in grades PK-12

Welcome to my blog, a place where I offer fresh perspectives in educating children.  And by fresh, I mean a mixing-up of the new and unusual, the familiar and the creative, and everything in between.

When I became a parent, I wished there were a place like this blog to get reliable and realistic information about raising and educating children.  My husband traveled around the world for work, so some days it seemed as if I were feeling my way down a dark passage by trial and error. And there I was–an experienced teacher with a master’s degree, who could manage classrooms of 25 challenging children–needing help!

Now I’ve come full circle.  I enjoy my young adult children, who are thriving in amazing careers.

As a parenting coach, I help parents to do these things:

  • Communicate effectively with your child’s school and teachers
  • Become an effective partner with your child’s teacher
  • Solve thorny problems that affect your child at school
  • Learn how and when to step back and release responsibility to your child
  • Understand classroom dynamics that affect your child
  • Develop your own learning plan for your child
  • Figure out why schools do things the way they do, and how it impacts your child
  • Choose smart approaches to discipline that teach your child limits
  • Infuse joy, pleasure, and fun through play and the arts
  • Manage wisely your child’s use of technology

You don’t have to go it alone! I have smart, supportive guidance to offer you and your family.

To learn more,  please contact me at Kathy@Education-Spring.com.  I look forward to hearing from you.






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