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How to Greet the Teacher

Greetings on auspicious occasions range from a quiet hello to a standing ovation.  For your family, a child starting or returning to school requires feats of readiness and coordination. Give yourself some applause!

How about paying it forward? Your child’s teacher is about to shape him for the next one hundred eighty days or so, for six to seven hours a day. That’s a lot of time and a lot of learning–especially when you consider it’s a serious part of building your child’s future. You will be a large presence during your child’s growth and as you know, good home-school communication is critical support for your growing child.

child writingI’d like to pass on some observations I’ve made over the years about parents and the first day of school. I’ve seen some parents help to establish a pleasant and open relationship with a teacher by making these friendly gestures:

  1. A handmade card by your child that introduces him and says what he hopes to learn.
  2. Alternatively, a note from you and your partner thanking the teacher in advance and saying you look forward to work with her.
  3. A small bunch of flowers–from your garden, if possible.

It doesn’t matter what you send in, because as with all gracious gestures, it’s the thought that counts.  Your child will notice your effort, too–what better way to model and reinforce manners?