Smart Phone Etiquette for Parents

You and your partner are out for dinner, waiting for the nachos to arrive.  At the next table sits a family with small children who are noisy and acting up.  Their parents busy themselves with their smart phones–emails, texts, Facebook, and so on.VG.CafeTerrace

At first you relate, sympathize, understand.  You’ve been there, too.  Must be a different parenting style. Maybe their babysitter cancelled.  As the noise escalates, the mother turns and scolds the kids, and they giggle through it. Desperate, the she hands one of the kids her smart phone.

What’s happening here? Is there one big problem or several problems?

Should you offer some positive parenting tips?  Send your nachos over to calm the kids so you can eat in peace? Give them the url of an etiquette site?

Tell me your opinion or experience with this scene.





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